About Us

Sarkissian Luxury Studio has 3-years of experience with modern 3D printing technology. Keep surfing through our page in order to find out more information about our services, portfolio and our dedicated team. If you wish to contact us, hit the contact tab, it will provide you with a couple of ways to get in touch.

At Sarkissian Luxury Studio, we’ve created a top-notch business model for the jewelry industry where boundless creativity and satisfying results meet our partners’ expectations. We are perfectionist CAD jewelry designers, mastered in sketching, modeling, photorealism rendering and 360-degree animation.

From jewelry casting patterns, stunning samples, to affordable finished 3D printed pieces, we shake the marketplace by our hard work and attention to detail. We treat each client request with utmost care and precision as we believe that each piece of jewelry tells a story of its own.

We are absolutely passionate about what we do and go the extra mile on each project while aiming for the best achievable results. Our clients’ imagination is our main source of motivation. We thrive for supreme quality when creating beautiful and elegant designs, at all times. Aside from the creative aspect, we guide our clients to elevate their current product line and reach higher grounds by providing visual storytelling.

The key to our success is our delivery speed, quality and skillful team of young enthusiasts. These 3 factors have granted us genuine results and the momentum to keep up with the market flow. This allows us to never stop evolving as a company and constantly refining our craft. We take our work ethic, finished products, and client satisfaction at heart no matter the scale of the given project.