our services

Step 1
First things first, we kick off your model creation using a picture, sketch or simply the verbal and written descriptions of an idea.
Step 3
After completion of your model, you receive the rendered, photo-realistic pictures of the computer-generated model to check and approve.
Step 2
On the second stage of your project we implement the design using advanced and high-end 3D design software which visualizes the accuracy of your future jewel.
Step 4
Now that your gorgeous 3D design is ready, we will also add a 360-degree motion effect so your customers can click, drag, zoom and spin your items around for a much better visualization experience when shopping on your website.

Technologies and software we use are advanced and up-to-date; Rhinoceros 6, Gem Vision Matrix 9, Blender, Art Cam, Zbrush, Keyshot 8, Maxwell Render and more.