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The design and development of custom jewelry revolve around customers to meet their specific preferences. The jewelry is completely different from those found in retail stores or online. It is one of its types.

Sarkissian is the one-stop solution for people looking to craft a unique piece. From designers who wish to launch their new collection to the couple who is about to get engaged, we help everyone with their custom jewelry needs in New York.

Design is a process of creation and development. The professionals at Sarkissian consider functionality, aesthetic and symbolic value altogether to develop a jewel that stands by your expectations. With phases like observation, research, analysis, adjustments, modeling, and adaptations, we deliver a final design that has everything you ever dreamed of. We also use traditional hand drafting methods for designing jewelry in its conceptual stage. However, with time and development, computer-aided designs or 3D jewelry designs are majorly utilized nowadays. With that being said, here are answers to frequently asked questions by our customers.

Do you manufacture jewelry from start to finish?

Yes, ofcourse. We do everything from designing, wax printing to stone setting. The entire process from start to finish takes place under the guidance of experienced and qualified jewelry designers.

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How can I create custom jewelry when I have poor drawing skills?

The creation of custom jewelry is not bound to the customer’s experience or knowledge. All you need is some inspiration and an idea. Even if you have median drawing skills, it can be useful. At Sarkissian, we work with all sorts of clients, no matter what level of experience they have.

Isn’t custom jewelry more expensive than standard jewelry?

Custom jewelry in New York is not at all expensive. You rather pay more at the retail stores to buy a generic ring. But, unlike retail stores, we do not charge exponentially. Instead, we get you what you pay for. Sarkissian does not even charge for markup on any gems or metals you buy. All you pay for is the production team’s labor.

What is the meaning of CAD or CAM?

CAD refers to ‘Computer-Aided Design.’ And CAM stands for ‘ Computer Aided Model.’ Both of these are the new-age technologies that we use for 3D modeling.

What is 3D modeling, and how is it related to jewelry?

3D modeling takes place with the help of CAD or CAM. With the specialized design software solutions, we design 3D digital models before the final production. This lets the customer see how his final jewelry will look. By such a design model, you can understand better if you are getting exactly what you want. It also helps in better communication and understanding between both parties.

After creating and approving a 3D digital model, the 3D printer produces a wax model for the same. This wax model is the base for physical pieces of jewelry. Though the wax model gets melted away during the production, its creation has turned out to be a great help. In addition, 3D modeling and wax models help a lot in speeding up efficiency.

What makes Sarkissian different from other jewelry studios?

Honestly, we are an all-in-one studio that stands by your expectations like no other. From 3D design to the final production of custom jewelry in New York, we do it all. Moreover, the combination of experienced as well as young professionals at our studio, is what makes us stand out.

Sarkissian is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the jewelry industry. Hence we always encourage our customers to either come and visit us in person or connect with us online.

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