Why Jewelry Animation Matters

With the annual sales growing by 5-6% each year, the jewelry industry is poised to a glimmering future. Trends come and go, but the jewelry market always remains as competitive as ever. Companies operating in the industry have to constantly search for new ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pool, but with an industry so dynamic it becomes hard to keep track of things.

It becomes hard for companies to keep the business going as usual and expect to thrive without properly responding to important trends and developments. In order to leave your mark within the market, you should follow the example of agile competitors or else risk being left behind.

One of the most common trends in the corporate sector are 3D animation videos. The animation is used for sales, marketing and even branding. Don’t worry if you have no idea about this sector of the market, as in this article we will explain what makes a good animation video and why exactly do you need it for your business.

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation videos are a great way to showcase beautiful jewellery samples from a variety of angles. The visuals for the video are completely computer generated and help to showcase accurate measurements in a simple way for the consumer to understand.

Animation is an integral part of every jeweler’s portfolio no matter their experience and consumer base, yet animation goes far beyond the jewelry industry. Even tech giants such as Apple use 3D animation videos to showcase their newest products. The reason being that product demo video animation has lot many advantages over live shot videos.

Why 3d animation?

Live shoots at times are not able to capture the full beauty of the presented product. With the assistance of the latest technology jewelry companies now have a way to present their product accurately to the consumer. A skilled animator shows the beauty of the jewel through the intricate and elegant details.

The main advantage of the animated videos is making it easier for the online customers to visualise the product. The customer is not only able to understand the design, but also picture its measurements much easier. For some clients it’s important to understand the size of the jewelry in comparison to other pieces they own.


These animation videos are also often used for advertising and marketing purposes. People grow tired of still images and want to experience the jewelry they’re intending to buy from different angles. Instead of sending the physical item back and forth, current technology allows the company and the client to clearly communicate through 3D videos.

It’s no surprise that more and more famous jewelry manufacturers are hoping on the trend, but not every animated video will make the cut. It’s important that the company behind the animated videos knows what they’re doing.

Sarkissian Luxury Studio has created a top-notch business model for jewelry industry with the help of our talented and creative team. We provide a variety of services, but we’re most famous for our top notch 3D animations. Our skilled team of animators takes into account the smallest details about the jewelry and creates pieces of art.

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