Why Jewelry Rendering & 3D Animation Can Boost Your Sales

When a new potential customer is visiting your website for the very first time, their visualization experience of your products can make the difference. Other than having an appealing website and a strong brand identity, it needs to be user-friendly and convenient for the shopper at all stages.

And one important stage is visualizing your products. Your products may look absolutely breathtaking in physical form when examined by the human eye, however, can the same level of desire and appreciation be encountered digitally?

In this blog, we will highlight some of the key reasons why a clean photorealistic rendering and 3D animation of your jewelry can actually elevate your browser-to-buyer conversion rate on your product page.

Jewelry Photography vs CAD Rendering

So, you’ve put together crispy clean jewelry product pictures and managed the challenging jewelry photography session. Even though this can encourage your target customers to check out your website, be introduced to your brand and observe your products more thoroughly, the real question is, will it outshine your competitor’s sophisticated online jewelry store powered by digital technology?

The answer to this question is based on a mathematical equation involving the following 3 principal factors: Price, Quality & Time. Jewelry photography is a notably complex process which requires lots of cash and project management skills. Not to mention time, especially if your item inventory is a large one!

Computer-designed rendering, on the other hand, does not require ready-made products to have superb photorealistic images of your jewelry line. This means you can set up a full-scale e-commerce website without stocking any actual items. A smart and efficient option that is simply cost-efficient. With rendering, you can have up to 3 different angle views and metal types for the same design. With photography, you must take all these shots separately. Imagine if stone color is also a variable, you’re looking at long hours of photo sessions and that’s if you’ve got all the items available at hand.

Viewing in 360-degree motion with real-time customization

Your customer’s experience while browsing on your products page is your bread and butter. Think about this for a second. Which scenario would more likely win the hearts of your page visitors? A high-quality photograph you can simply zoom in and out from or a jewelry piece you can spin around, choose its stone colors, type of precious metal or style or setting? The keyword here is personalization during the buying stage. A product with 3D capabilities will emulate a touchy feeling for your customers as if they actually would be holding the product. Therefore, bringing real-life and digital shopping closer than ever.

Sarkissian Luxury Studio has created a top-notch business model for the jewelry industry with the help of our talented and creative team. We provide a variety of services, but we’re most famous for our stunning 3D animations. We also provide 3D Marketing as a service. If you have an online jewelry shop already set up, we can provide your website admin with all the necessary codes to apply such customization on your product page. This way, your customers will enjoy a truly personalized shopping experience on a user-friendly website. Our goal is to enhance your product presentation game and make your jewelry pieces speak for themselves.

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