Workflow of Jewelry Making: Why You Should Collaborate with a Jewelry Design Studio

Jewelry is abundantly available in the marketplace as well as on e-commerce stores today, and if you’re looking for an exquisitely unique design that stands apart from those commonly available in high-end luxurious jewelry market; then there’s only one way to achieve it – collaborating with a jewelry design studio, adept at creating wondrous masterpiece design using CAD. 

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry and with that let’s delve into finding out, just what a world of difference does owning a piece of CAD designed jewelry make.

The Workflow of Jewelry Making: 

The rule of thumb of jewelry making: With a defined goal, the creative mind of CAD designers can flourish. The workflow is a designer’s roadmap to  reach this very destination: Create a unique, beautiful design for a retailer. Imagine your design like that of a picturesque sunset in Positano and how you can go about achieving that goal. Only of course, with a talented and professional luxury jewelry designer. 


However, a retailer’s journey to meet results isn’t that simple. With the scores of recent developments in the eCommerce world and platforms like Shopify, even non-IT people can start their own jewelry-making/designing  businesses online without even the slightest knowledge about the manufacturing process. 

For example, recently, several famous personalities and celebrities launched their online jewelry stores. Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow, Serena Williams and even Jessica Simpson ventured into the jewelry industry, making their mark in high fashion. They outsource their jewelry projects to design and create new products. A standing applause for their determination but; 

Here’s where the problem lies. 

The Problem in Jewelry Making

Retailers outsource the CAD process to third-party personnel. Once the CAD file is ready, it is sent back to the retailer. If nothing objectionable is found in the file created, then it is relayed forward to the casting house, wherein the manufacturing procedure for the jewelry piece presumes. Sounds about right, right? May even seem a bit straightforward?

Truth be told, it’s far from it! 

The more likely scenario however is, in case the retailer notices an issue with the CAD file or wants to make changes, it’s their responsibility to send the file for revision, and the casting house doesn’t take any responsibility for the error. In addition, the casting house doesn’t collaborate with the CAD designer to resolve the issue. Which can be extremely taxing in terms of time consumption. What a tedious procedure! 

For instance, when a retailer sends a CAD file to a casting house, people at the casting house print the file and start working on the manufacturing process of the said jewelry. Their objective is to present only a piece that matches the CAD file. Now, if the retailer is not satisfied with the final product, the casting house cannot be held responsible for the outcome. 

All this suggests that a retailer has to manage everything in the jewelry-making process, which is challenging when the retailer has no idea about jewelry making. 

In addition and most importantly, we stress – it is a time-consuming process! Who’s got that much of a time to waste, especially if the requirement is of urgent nature? When the retailer is not satisfied with the final product, they will have to rework with a CAD designer again and improve the design to the precise specification of the revised requirement. After that, it is sent back to the casting house. 

As a result, not only does the retailer pay twice to a CAD designer and the casting house for a singular jewelry design project. Plus, an enormous amount of time is spent on correcting the design and sending it multiple times to casting houses. As a result, the deadline to launch a new product keeps shifting over time. 

This is where Sarkissian Luxury Studio stands in the gap to bridge over the lapse over the time taken to manufacture a gorgeous work of art, promising to make you look stunning. 

Solution – Hire a Jewelry Design Studio


Until now, it can be noticed that problems in jewelry making are beneficial for CAD designers and casting houses, and retailers have to pay multiple times for the same services and spend a massive number of hours to correct the design.

However, retailers can resolve the problem and make the entire jewelry-making process smooth and time-saving by hiring a jewelry design studio. That’s where Sarkissian can help soothe out the kinks in the system, completing any time-specific jewelry project and delivering them within a short span. It doesn’t take one time to figure out that a stitch in time saves nine. Trusting a jewelry design studio to take on the responsibility of the entire project is beneficial for all parties involved in the procedure. 

In addition to creating CAD, it collaborates with casting houses to make the required changes before the manufacturing process begins. It helps retailers save their time and money on creating multiple CAD files and sending them again to a casting house. 

The benefits of partnering with a jewelry design studio are:

  • Saved Time

We can’t stress enough – two of the primary benefits of working with Luxury Studio such as Sarkissian Luxury Studio is saving time and money. When retailers collaborate with jewelry design studios, they don’t have to spend hours analyzing a CAD file and working with casting houses to manufacture the correct design. The studio takes care of everything. Trust Sarkissian Luxury Studio to handle your case with the utmost professionalism, respect for design, vision, and time – making your dream a reality.

  • Responsibility for Outcomes

Relying on a luxury jewelry designing studio helps save time and eliminates the most common and frustrating jewelry-making procedure by taking responsibility for delivering the perfect results. For example, if an error is noticed in a CAD design, the studio collaborates with a casting house to ensure that the mistake doesn’t affect the final product. 

  • Experienced CAD Designers

When retailers join hands with a studio, they get experienced and skilled CAD designers to work on their jewelry designs. They work closely with retailers to ensure that a design matches the specification of the requirements. In addition, they make the desired changes multiple times without spending hours on one design, by going back and forth between the casting house, designer and client. A concise process always takes the shortest time and creates an exemplary design. 

  • Collaboration with Casting Houses

A jewelry design studio saves a retailer’s time by handling the CAD designing process and coordinating with casting studios. Retailers can use the saved time to find new customers and sell their products to them. Also, a studio ensures that a retailer doesn’t pay extra costs for design revisions. 

We, at Sarkissian Luxury Studio, cooperate with casting houses, and we help avoid the headaches which retailers face during the whole management process and take the whole responsibility on us. Our customer will get their final jewelry piece without being liable to pay for any extra time or additional costs. 

To end; repeat after us: “I deserve new masterpiece jewelry, and the best place to get it within a short span of time is Sarkissian Luxury Studio!” Now watch how you conquer the world with your exquisite jewelry designs in a swift moment. At your next gathering/event: Ensure that when people stare at your wonderful jewelry, you make it worth their while. 


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