CAD for Jewelry: What is It and How Does It Work

It only takes a few Google searches to discover that there are a plethora of CAD systems available to pick from. Some are general programs, while others focus on specific topics. However, reliance on CAD for jewelry is a fairly new program that interests many and is growing steadfastly.

Previously, drafters would draw plans and blueprints by hand over long periods of time. They would meticulously draw and redraw designs, and while their efforts resulted in gorgeous structures, today’s drafters can achieve much more with the aid of good CAD software.

Drafters can now use CAD for jewelry software to create more sophisticated, accurate, and flexible drawings. In fact, CAD software is so useful in other mainstream professions such as architecture and engineering.

Naturally, some questions arise – and today, we will help answer these questions for you.

What Is Cad For Jewelry?

Computer-Aided Design is abbreviated as CAD. It is essentially a design that takes place in a computer application that allows you to create three-dimensional items in the virtual world. CAD programs are used in architecture, industrial manufacturing, product design, and, of course, jewelry because they allow for a lot of manipulation and practically endless detail in whatever you’re creating.

CAD Jewelry

Who Uses Cad For Jewelry?

Jewelry designing students and professionals can use CAD technology to produce precise and complicated designs. Many of the new designs would be very hard to create by hand.

That’s one of the reasons why jewelry images designers are increasingly turning to computer-aided design. Jewelers, for example, can develop fantastic new pieces with the help of CAD certification that would not have been conceivable with any other technology.

How Does Cad For Jewelry Work?

Jewelry designers can create a wax cast of a complex design using CAD design and 3D printing technologies. After that, the mold is used to cast a whole piece out of precious metals. As a result, the final object is more solid and intricate than one composed of many soldered-together pieces.

Customized jewelry isn’t a new concept. However, making one-of-a-kind artworks is now easier and more affordable than ever before because of CAD technology. In fact, another jewelry company, American Pearl, is allowing clients to create their own personalized engagement rings using an online portal.

Your designs will now be as unique as a snowflake itself! Perfect and unique in its own way, just like you!

What Role Does Cad Play In The Jewelry Industry?

Hand-carving wax blocks into any shape and size you want your piece to look like is the traditional manner of making jewelry, and it takes a tremendous amount of talent. You can perform amazing things using CAD, such as mirror parts, copy and paste, and ensure that parts are symmetrical down to the micron level.

There are still times when the more traditional methods of making jewelry are appropriate for the purpose at hand, but it’s always preferable to have more options.

How Can 3d Cad Jewelry Design Be Better Than Going For Jewelry Photoshoots?

A conventional photo shoot can take up to a month to plan and deliver, but 3D rendering is a huge time saver. With new collections being released every other season, all you have to do is personalize a ready-made model with the most up-to-date features. The 3D model can then be used in jewelry catalogs and marketing materials.

While the project scale determines the final cost, 3D technologies are immune to unforeseen costs such as transportation, rent, and decor.

Saving inventory space is a unique benefit that regular photoshoots cannot provide. You don’t need a real-life product when you have a 3D model. You can utilize a just-in-time logistics strategy to deliver jewelry after it has been requested.

All these work in favor of sales, save on inventory and cut down on time needed to make the sale or design the product.

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