Jewelry Branding Tips: Why your designs must be original

The jewelry world is a highly competitive ocean where the big sharks and those just getting started all swim in the same waters.

The #1 question any business owner operating in the luxury goods industry must confidently answer is “What sets me apart from the others?”.

In this article, we will explain what jewelry design represents for your brand identity as well as the importance of versatility and choice for consumers.

Your jewelry design is really your brand voice

Yes, you’ve read that right.

People tend to forget that designing a piece of jewelry is really an art. And just like painting or music composing, how is your artwork recognized among admirers? 

What are the special distinctions and signature traits which connect your design to your brand? These are super important questions you must clearly answer before even thinking about the end product.

For example, Louis Vuitton. How many times have we recognized this brand from afar simply by looking at its most basic visual characteristics? I can tell that a handbag or scarf is made by the French powerhouse even if their classical “LV” is not displayed anywhere on the design.

You need to have the same approach for jewelry designing. Whatever item you design, the next one needs to complement your entire collection. In other words, they need to speak the same language. Learn from brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels, who beautifully master what I’ve just explained above.

The significance of design in jewelry manufacturing

When designing jewelry, you must take into account how the finished idea will be produced. Not only that, but you must also be versatile and offer the power of choice for your curious potential customers.

Jewelry merchandising can be defined as the art of selling your items using diverse techniques and practices, from appealing window display to online branding. Jewelry merchandising should never be looked at solely as a tool to fulfill the supply and demand. Rather, it should provide variety, style options, and abundant design choices for your potential buyer.

Depending on the theme and artful conception your brand revolves around, your jewelry items and collections should always imprint its own unique hallmark to display the uniqueness of your products.

This level of design evolution as we would call it here can start with a simple piece such as a ring. Then, it can expand to chains & pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.

As you are growing in your design department, you can start combining pieces of jewelry of the same type to create exclusive collections. For every collection created, an amazing back story can harbor in it and be utilized for content marketing as well.


If you’re in the beginning stages of venturing yourself into the jewelry industry, please read our 3 major steps to jumpstart your online jewelry shop.

Final Thoughts

We believe that your jewelry design not only defines who you are as a brand, but also conveys the story behind that brand. 

Our top 3 branding tips in regards to this article would be to be authentic, versatile and consistent in your jewelry design efforts.

If you feel puzzled with all this information, don’t be, you can always hire a team of experts to design the jewelry for you. 

Sarkissian Luxury Studio is a professional jewelry design center that specializes in jewelry design sketching, modeling, rendering, 3D animation, and manufacturing. Our creative designers never lack inspiration and are always looking for new challenges!

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