Post-COVID: Going digital shifts consumer buying habits

The coronavirus lockdown had a tremendous impact on consumer buying habits. As the pandemic spread throughout the world like wildfire, people still continued traditions such as marriage proposals via Facetime, a virtual alternative that encourages them to buy jewelry online. 

Consumers who’ve only purchased in-store labeled as “old school buyers”, due to the touch-and-feel aspect and building rapport with the sales representative, have now admitted buying from online jewelry shops. Factors such as having an appealing B2C digital marketing campaign, ultra-personalized product customization, a user-friendly e-shop, and flawless customer service have all played major roles in their buying journey.

In this blog, we will provide a few tips on why your jewelry brand must have a digital presence to thrive.

Go Digital: A jewelry e-shop that guides your customer

Today, there are thousands of websites selling jewelry online. The ones that make the most impact are those which value true customer experience. Whether your e-shop visitor is simply “just-looking” or have already placed an item in their cart, your goal is to make this destination practical for the user at all times. During the lockdown, as the retail world froze completely, online fine jewelry sales underwent a 35% increase.

Product visualization must be top-notch. If your items can be clicked, zoomed, flipped in 360-degree to unveil every angle, your chances of making a sale will also increase. I have covered this topic in a recent article just in case you would like to dive into this subject.

The keyword is here personalization. When visitors navigate on your e-shop, they want to be able to pick and choose their favorite metal color, stone type, size or even type in a customized text/initials to be engraved on the piece in question.

Digital Marketing in jewelry: An ever-growing force

Having the right SEO strategy to specifically reach out to your target customers is really important. Writing lavish words to depict your gorgeous designs is great, but you must have a business goal for each reader and engage them in taking action or asking a question about your products. 

To obtain such results, your digital strategy must be seamless. This means if you run a Google Ad, a Social Media Marketing Campaign, and have a blog that will generate traffic, all 3 channels must collectively voice out your brand to consumers. Simply making ads and launching them blindly will not work. Every campaign must be a part of a strategic puzzle that connects altogether in the long run.


Here are some of the top digital marketing channels used in jewelry:

  • SMM Ads (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok)
  • Linkedin Ads (Only for the high jewelry clientele)
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Google (CPC, Shopping Ads, Display Ads)
  • Content Marketing + SEO
  • Etsy Ads
  • Influencer Marketing


Jewelry retailers are slowly reopening with compliance to COVID-19 regulations such as visits by appointment only, social distancing and salespeople wearing masks/gloves may feel awkward for certain customers. Businesses adapting to this digital transformation will continue to prosper in the coming years. As a thriving jewelry business, you want your omnipresence in the global marketplace

Sarkissian Luxury Studio provides E-commerce Services from start to finish and can help you set up a fully operational online jewelry store. Our knowledgeable experts hold the necessary expertise to guide you through.

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