3 Advantages of outsourcing tasks for your jewelry business

Outsourcing relates to the method in which businesses entrust their key operations to another external business. Any key tasks being pieced to a final product executed from abroad are considered outsourced. In luxury goods, this could be jewelry casting, mounting, design, digital marketing, and inventory management to name a few. 

When you are getting started as a new jewelry brand, design and production can be breakthrough elements in sustaining a successful business. With coronavirus freezing operations for manufacturers and design ateliers, more and more entrepreneurs choose to do business over the internet, often being thousands of kilometers away from each other.


1. Cost-effectiveness

The most prominent and noticeable advantage of outsourcing is cutting down on costs. Quite often and surprisingly, you may get the job accomplished at a lower rate without compromising on quality. Due to the disparity in salaries between western countries and the rest of the world, many professionals want to remain on the competitive edge by providing quality work at a fraction of what it would cost if done locally (in the USA for example).

2. More focus on key areas of your business

Outsourcing a specific area within your jewelry business would enhance your effectiveness and allow you to concentrate on strengthening your brand, invest more in strategic marketing, develop new tools, and focus more on your customer service.

3. Less office space and employees, more productivity

Outsourcing removes the necessity for renting an office space as your outsourcing partner undertakes such obligation upon themselves. This can save you thousands of dollars you can reinvest in other areas of your business that will boost productivity, brand awareness and growth.

Moreover, you won’t be required to hire and train new employees to sustain productivity, which can be a major cut down in your business expenses. Your outsourcing partner, if selected carefully of course, will have a team of skilled professionals in place ready to tackle all required tasks at a faster pace. 

The foremost advantage of outsourcing is the instant positive impact on your production stream. Allow your services to withstand better with top-quality deliverables and minimize the lead time your jewelry items may take to enter the marketplace. Consequently, you would also accelerate in converting your ideas into physical products and stabler at delivering continuous value to your customers.


Benefits of outsourcing your jewelry design

The design aspect of jewelry making can be quite tedious. One of the biggest challenges you may face as a new jewelry brand is to keep creating new and forward-looking jewelry to satisfy your customers’ demand while competing with your rivals. This is why outsourcing this aspect of your business to people you can trust with your design needs can remove a lot of headaches in the long run.


Sarkissian Luxury Studio takes pride in helping its partners. We are a highly motivated and dynamic luxury studio servicing in areas such as jewelry design (sketching, modeling, rendering, 3D animation), E-commerce and online product marketing. Our goal is to heighten your level of productivity and give you more room for business growth.


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