The Hottest Jewelry Trends for 2019

At times when fashion trends come and go at a very fast pace, it seems very hard to keep up no matter how important it is. Don’t worry though as we are here to help guide you through the hottest jewelry trends of 2019.


Ring earrings

This trend is one of the most reliable and long lasting ones. Ring earrings have found their place within the fashion industry time after time again. However, within the last 2 seasons, they have earned the center of attention.

Companies that pay attention to the emergence of new trends within the jewelry industry have taken notice of ring earrings. Many of them experiment with the design adding new and exciting details to the classic ring earrings. 

From catwalks to your local boutiques, ring earrings have taken a leading position among other jewelry trends. Be it a simple design or a modernized version, you can never go wrong with this trend.

Chain earrings

Chain jewelry has always been in the center of attention, yet in 2019 chain earrings earned the trendy status. Long chains, reaching down to the shoulders and sometimes even lower, were first brought forward by young ambitious designers and only then bigger fashion houses followed the trend.

Not everyone will be able to rock provocative earrings in their everyday life,on the other hand, chain earrings are a good compromise between a spectacular design and moderation. You can either choose a very simple design or add small elements to the base making it into an eye-catching piece.


thin chains

Chain earrings are not the only chain related jewelry on our list. Thin and elegant chains have captured the hearts of the fashion industry as well as average folk. Chain jewelry has never lost its relevance, however now it shines especially bright even among the other trends.

One of the most popular ways of accessorizing chains is wearing several thin chains, often of different lengths, at once. Chains manage to complete any look by adding a unique touch to it.

Rings for each finger

Even the most familiar trends have changed in ways that may seem unfamiliar to the average person. It’s hard to keep up with all the trend changes rings have undergone.

2019 brings a new trend to the table when it comes to wearing rings. One ring seems to be not quite enough to be fashionable. Not only are there rings for each finger, there are also different rings for the different parts of the same finger.

Designers also surprised everyone with rings connected via chains, not forgetting to provide disconnected open models along with them. 


Be it rings, earrings or necklaces, the trends don’t seem to be quieting down anytime soon. Whether you’re a company trying to come up with a new line or an individual in search of new jewelry, it’s important to know what’s hot at the moment.

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