Top 6 Famous Jewelry Designers

There are a lot of jewelry designers in the world, but some of them are truly worthy of the title ”the best”. Their products are loved and respected throughout the world, they dictate the main trends in jewelry fashion, and their quality and style are truly impeccable.

So, who are they, the best jewelry designers?


1. Harry Winston

New York Diamond is one of the most famous jewelry designer stores worldwide, which is distinguished by its incredible quality and originality of products. Even Marilyn Monroe herself quoted Harry Winston in a cult song that diamonds are girls’ best friends. Winston uses only the best gems and creates truly luxurious jewelry even for the most distinguished people on Earth, including royal families and Persian shahs.

2. Buccellati

This Italian brand creates chic and sophisticated products. It became popular since they use the best-polished gold and platinum, as well as an incredible design using high-quality precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and so on.

3. Van Cleef & Arpels

This company received the unspoken title of the best luxury in the world. They became the first to widely produce jewelry accessories and use their unique technique, the analogues of which do not exist. Its essence is as follows: the teeth that attach the stone are hidden under it, as a result of which the maximum effect of diamond is obtained without any loss of strength. The company also gained fame thanks to incredible brooches.

jewelry-3d-animation-modeling-rendering-sketching-services4. Graff

Jewelry designer from London – Graff uses only rare diamonds of the highest quality in their work. He produces truly luxurious jewelry that brings him millions of dollars income.

5. Bulgari

Fashion house Bulgari is one of the first to produce jewelry. It appeared in 1884 and almost immediately became known for its exquisite unique jewelry in the Roman and Greek style, especially pendants and bracelets, and the whole world seems to know gold with the addition of large chic stones from the company. The new Bulgari collections do not lose their style at all and they are becoming more and more relevant, stylish and luxurious.

6. Chopard

Chopard brand has over a hundred stores throughout the world. A huge number of celebrities prefer jewelry from this particular brand since few can compete with their quality and style.

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