Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Jewelry

Jewelry designing is one of the oldest professions known to men, dating way back at least 7,000 years to the oldest known human societies in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Throughout centuries the art of jewelry making has progressed immensely. Nowadays, jewelry design is an intricate and difficult process full of industry secrets not everyone has a chance to access it.

The process starts in the head of the designer manifesting itself first on paper and later into the accessory itself, yet sometimes the right design and details can be hard to imagine. Many jewelry companies and individual designers find themselves facing similar issues while coming up with a new line of jewelry. The unique nature of the process leads many people to make the same mistakes over and over again. Learning to avoid these mistakes will lead to saving both time and money.

Whether you’re a struggling designer stuck in an art block or a curious individual interested in the process, this article will help you avoid the biggest mistakes while designing jewelry.


Designing Without a Theme in Mind

Many find the process of designing a jewelry line an exciting process and head into it blindly. As a result, many people forget to consider important details that shape the whole process. One of these commonly skipped details is the cohesive theme. Before starting the process, every designer must ask themselves how does each piece relates to one another.

If this detail is looked over, the collection ends up looking messy and unappealing to a large group of potential customers. If one of the pieces in the collection uses expensive big gems and the second one uses cheap ones, the buyer will be confused and overwhelmed. Having a cohesive theme, on the other hand, will give the company a professional look.


Forgetting to Evaluate Previous Sales

It’s important to understand what your customers want from the company. Every company must take into account the costs and profits of your previous products. This is a great way to understand the performance of certain pieces as well as get an insight into what works and what doesn’t.

If your sales are low, take a look into the particular products are bringing the lowest revenue and make them a lower priority when designing your new line. This doesn’t mean that you should do everything by the book, you can always take risks, however, it’s important to look objectively on your business’ performance.


Creating Jewelry for a Single Customer

Unless your company produces personalized pieces for individuals, you shouldn’t focus on a single persona when designing. It’s a good thing to imagine your potential customer and design accordingly to their taste, but some designers lose the sight of the bigger picture which is extremely harmful to the business.

You can create an umbrella image of several personas in your mind and try to appeal to a bigger variety of people. It’s good when this group of personas has certain characteristics in common as being too general with the designs is also dangerous.

If you feel overwhelmed with all this information, don’t worry, you can always hire someone to design the jewelry for you. Sometimes you even have the design in mind, but don’t have the necessary skills to bring it to life. Sarkissian Luxury Studio is a jewelry design company that specialized in design, 3D animation, and manufacturing. Our talented team of designers will help your company create unforgettable jewelry.

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