Top 4 Social Media Platforms For Your Jewelry

Social Media is one of the most important elements of display and visualization for jewelry brands. However, many ask the same question. Which social media platforms are best suited to promote my jewelry collections and designs? And why?

In this article, we will present you with the top 4 social media networks for B2C, which we believe are the most effective to help you boost your brand awareness and online user engagement.

#4: Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool to communicate your brand’s voice to the public with a short text, image, or video clip. With 330 million active users globally and considered one of the most popular platforms in the US, your brand can surely share a piece of the action!

Be creative when using the available 240 characters when you post a message, an item, or something you think is worth mentioning about your brand!

#3: Pinterest

Jewelry images are flashy and often speak for themselves

This is why visual media platforms such as Pinterest are perfect as more and more users tend to read less and observe more when it comes to design. Pinterest knows this quite well, which explains the success of many artisans and craftspeople who chose to demonstrate their products on this platform.


SLS Pinterest Account


The same goes for product images for jewelry, with some jewelry makers even sharing insights such as photography of their workshops and more. What’s nice about Pinterest is that it looks like an infinite digital catalog of your products users can scroll through. Very visually-appealing for new visitors!

#2: Facebook

Facebook has 2.7 billion users worldwide!

But not only that. Facebook has great advertising tools built-in such as Facebook Business, with the capacity to generate tailor-made audiences, so you can target by factors like age groups, interests, and location for instance.

Facebook is also quite versatile in its functionality. You can do short or long posts, add an image or video, express a certain emotion, or even share a specific location when doing so. 

The “Live” feature is also very popular as it gives the opportunity to your users to engage with your brand, whether you are taking part in an event, a trade show, or simply want to show them your crafting process!

#1: Instagram

The best social media platform to promote your jewelry brand and products is Instagram hands down.

The reason is fairly simple: Instagram is home to celebrities & luxury which is key for any jewelry brand hoping to gain the exposure they need to get to the next level. The platform is very targeted-oriented for jewelry lovers and demonstrates a very high user-engagement rate in that niche when compared to other platforms.

Also, an Instagram Business profile is quite an efficient space where you can grow a decent brand community. Creating stories is a great way to keep those curious about your products to keep checking what’s new. 

Another powerful way to get discovered by potential customers is hashtags. You may have specific-themed products that may attract the right audience, which is why having the right hashtags under each post can increase those chances. 


Instagram Post


Moreover, if you vouch for video marketing as a tool to share awesome content with your public, you can use IGTV which is a standalone video App by Instagram for Android and iOS smartphones. Synced with your Instagram account, it allows the upload of longer videos at no additional cost.

At last, Instagram just released a new Shop section which should definitely be a game-changer for jewelry brands, incorporating eCommerce elements directly into your Instagram profile!

Final thoughts

There are of course other social media networks that could serve you well. This is why it’s important to know who exactly your target audience is right from the start. For example, if your brand echoes to a younger audience, then Snapchat may be a better option. If you’re aiming at B2B, LinkedIn is just right. 

Here at Sarkissian Luxury Studio, we offer an exclusive service known as Social Media Rendering. Aside from providing high-quality photorealistic renders of your jewelry items, we can also deploy gorgeous ready-to-post images for all your social media needs in parallel with your brand identity, colors, and desired theme.

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