Tips: How to write jewelry descriptions for your e-Store

Your potential buyer will visit your jewelry e-store and his or her attention span will be limited during the consideration stage. Remember that the 2 most important visual elements that will turn someone who’s curious into an actual buyer are your product images and how well the description of your product is put together.

In this blog, we will provide a few tips you can start implementing today to ensure your wording for each of your designs truly elevates the probabilities to make a sale.

The magic of SEO: getting discovered online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects to consider when writing jewelry descriptions. 

If your jewelry items have unique shapes, materials & gemstones, you must know how to put together the perfect text that will trigger emotions for the reader and solicit them to add your item to the cart.

The goal here is not only to impress your potential buyer, but to truly give them a full breakdown of what they are about to buy and why your jewelry item is as authentic as the image suggests. Keep in short, but on point. A good jewelry description can go anywhere between 35 words to 100 with the right keywords used with the motive of attracting the right customers to the right products.

Types of jewelry descriptions

There are generally two types of jewelry description approaches you can use when writing; Rational or Emotional.

Rational descriptions lean more towards what’s logical and straightforward about your product. Consumers with rational buying motives tend to first look out for elements such as price, general quality, convenience for use & durability. 

Emotional descriptions are all about seducing the reader and trigger emotions within with the purpose to create a sentiment of attachment to your product. For fashion jewelry, this technique is mostly used. When writing an emotional description, try to stay away from repetitive & boring words such as beautiful, gorgeous, or even cute. 

Alternatively, you can opt for words like sumptuous, marvelous, chic, dazzling, elegant, scintillating, or stunning just to name a few.

Special distinctions in your jewelry description

There are also other key pieces of information you may want to communicate with your potential buyers such as:

  • Mentioning that your item is handmade (if that’s the case)
  • Stating if initials or a special message can be engraved onto the piece itself
  • Present more options: If the item they are viewing is part of a collection, give them mix and match suggestions (cross-selling)
  • Giving fashion tips with clothing (especially for women!)


Like we mentioned in the introduction, a high-quality product image is imperial to demonstrate the beauty of your products. But it’s not enough. A well-described jewelry item will let the buyer understand better what they are about to purchase. The most successful online jewelry store are those who can master the two and balance them even.

Here at Sarkissian Luxury Studio, we work with passion to ensure that our partners have a solid both product imagery and descriptions. Our E-Commerce Solutions include a variety of tools to ensure you run a successful online jewelry business without burning your wallet.

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