3 Major Steps To Jump-start Your Online Jewelry Shop

Starting your own online jewelry store can be both very rewarding but yet, exhausting if you don’t have the right pieces to the puzzle. Aside from defining your brand and having a solid digital marketing strategy for your business, you must have a clear vision of the end product if you want to make profits.

The jewelry industry is very competitive. As a beginner, you must recognize who are the big sharks in the game and how will you earn your fair share in the market. We sincerely think the answer is your products and how they are introduced to your potential customers. 

We have put together this article to highlight 3 very important things that you cannot turn a blind eye to if you wish to jump-start your online jewelry shop today.

1. Create an awesome website

You could have the most original-looking piece of jewelry on the planet but if your website sucks, you’re cutting down your chances for sales by a whole lot.

Here are some of the attributes for an effective e-commerce website:

  • Get the best domain name available to match it with your brand identity
  • Have a solid logo, vibrant colors and appealing imagery right when your site loads
  • Simplify site navigation for your visitors by categorizing your items accordingly
  • Put your best offers in front of potential buyers using slider-banners and other means
  • Ensure your products can be zoomed in for a more pleasant visualization experience
  • Make sure your shopping cart functions are interactive and quickly locatable for the user


At last, your website needs to evoke a message which speaks directly to your target audience. Don’t forget to tells your story and include a contact section that includes a form and your social media icons.

2. Find a local jewelry casting house

Unless you are making your jewelry by hand and sell it as handcrafted goods, a jewelry caster is your best friend, especially for mass production for multiple designs among your catalog. As your business grows, so will your clientele and demand for new models to keep abreast of the competition. 

Jewelry casting provides you with the ability to physically create beautiful jewelry, which can be a great alternative, especially if you never planned to hire an actual artisan to do it. When you opt for the jewelry casting method, the casting house will ask you to submit a digital model of your jewel, created by your designer. The design itself may be entirely new or from a previous piece. Once the files are loaded on the computer-assisted casting machines, the physical attributes of your item are used to conceive a mold. This will ultimately be applied to form a physical reproduction of your desired jewelry piece.

3. Hire a skillful and reliable jewelry designer

The 3rd major step – which should be the first really – is to partner up with a talented and trustworthy jewelry designer who’s going to do the following things:

  • Clearly understand your brand identity
  • Craft authentic models and make sure they are not a copy or an imitation
  • Progress and evolve your collection set as your business grows
  • Be able to deliver new designs faster without sacrificing quality


There’s a handful of designers out there whether it’s new graduates or workshop apprentices, in both cases, your approach as a business owner shall remain the same. It is crucial to work with someone you can trust and develop a results-driven relationship in the long run. 

At Sarkissian Luxury Studio, we have built a business from the ground up to accommodate all 3 steps mentioned in this blog. Together with our gifted and creative team, we provide a variety of services such as sketching, modeling, rendering and 3D animation of your prototype design.

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