The Process of making jewelry

The art of jewelry design is inspired by many emotions: the desire for beauty, the need for recognition, the wish to impress or demonstrate commitment. In general jewelry makers dream to express respect, loyalty or memory.

Not so long time ago craftsmen created spiritual and religious symbols to reflect faith. They developed jewelry as symbols of matrimony and fidelity for life, as well as jewelry symbols that embody devotion to a family or organization. Jewelry was created to perpetuate the memory of the loss of loved ones and, of course, as a symbol of pure beauty.


Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that any discussion about jewelry development should begin with sources of inspiration. There are several motives which can inspire a jewelry maker.

Primary incentives for him/her include focusing on the desires and needs of the intended users.

Then they proceed from market and fashion trends and take into account modern popular topics. And also – a free burst of inspiration, the jeweler’s dreams, the possibilities of material and precious stones, dictating the direction of the design.

Jewelry Design

For a purist, it would be wonderful in jewelry design if there was an opportunity to concentrate your imagination in any desired direction and freely realize everything that comes to mind.

Gems and metals require a bit more. When designing jewelry, you need to fulfil the wishes of the customer. A wide range of aspects should be considered, from colour and style to the cost of materials. It is the jeweler who knows the limitations of jewelry production, the capabilities of those who are involved in it.


After determining the topic, value and target user, the artist can work within reasonable boundaries and reveal the talent and feelings that he/she possesses. With a given topic and rational parameters of materials, you can confidently design a jewelry item and reflect a specific mood or emotions.

Some designers do this with a detailed colour scheme, while others create a simplified, primary sketch for the demonstration to the customer. Many modern jewelers perform full computer visualization using automated jewelry design, and some just work with a visual image in their heads.

Regardless of the method, the primary image is continuously developing throughout the entire process of creating the product. It seems that subtle nuances are inevitable as soon as the manufacture of jewelry begins. It seems almost impossible for jewelers to take into account all the technical issues that may arise in the manufacture of jewelry and the installation of precious stones when creating jewelry.

Depending on the feasibility or aesthetic needs, changes continue throughout the entire process of creating a masterpiece by a jewelry master.

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