Simple tips to go from jewelry retailer to e-tailer

Prior to the spread of the global pandemic, shopping behaviors were gradually changing, but over the last year, that change accelerated. 

E-commerce has secured a sizable market share, with both the click-happy and old-school retail shopping generations receiving it as the suitable alternative.

Modern shoppers are much more informed and demanding than before. As a jewelry retailer, you must adapt to these changes by becoming omnipresent and having a structured digital strategy.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing 3 tips to help you go from brick-and-mortar to hello new customers online!

Pick the right e-commerce shop builder

When shopping for jewelry online, consumers want convenience, practicality and a user-friendly website that will take them from closely observing your pieces to clicking them so it falls into a shopping cart.

The criteria determining which e-commerce platform is best suited for your business totally depends on how you run your business, whether or not you’ve already got a website and your available budget for the smooth digital transition you will undergo.

If you already have a WordPress-powered website and paid to host your domain, then WooCommerce is a great option for you. It’s a simple plugin you have to activate to unveil all the necessary tools you will need to run your shop.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to start from scratch, Shopify, Squarespace & Ucraft are definite no-brainers. All 3 have amazing ready-to-be-customized templates you can choose from and the monthly charge includes your hosting to their servers.

Generate traffic to your site by being omnipresent

COVID-19 has made it challenging for potential customer visits to your retail store. The question you want to find an answer to is, how do you communicate with your loyal buyers who already know your products or better yet, completely new ones outside of your local market?

What does it mean to be omnipresent though?

You can define being omnipresent as follows: 

  • Keep the customer experience consistent and seamless at every point of contact
  • Consistency of your website content 
  • Mobile storefront 
  • Social media presence
  • Brick and mortar operations
  • Click & collect

What about content strategy?

When we say content, we mean SEO-optimized blog posts, newsletters and digital media (photos/videos) best depicting your brand and products. Speaking of imagery, we are more than convinced that organizing a professional photoshoot during these uncertain times can be both puzzling and costly to you. 

This is why we offer professional jewelry rendering services, to re-create your entire collection or even new ones on your behalf! Moreover, you also want to digitally re-create the touch-and-feel experience your customers have when looking at your items. 

All details matter. When people zoom in using their computer mouse or fingers on their smartphone, they expect to dig in every curve, shape and color your models have to offer them.


At Sarkissian Luxury Studio, we take the detailing aspect of product images very seriously. Together with our talented and innovative team members, we provide a variety of services such as jewelry sketching, modeling, rendering and 3D animation.

We know what it takes to boost your product visualization. Ask us how to get started today!

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